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Dental Implants

Implants are a superior method of choice to replace missing teeth without altering the adjacent teeth - as in bridges.  Implants can also be used to retain loose and mobile dentures.  They also have a much greater longevity and success rate than bridges or partials.  The success rate is reported at 95% (Int Jrn of Oral Max Implants 2007 Nov-Dec).

Implant treatment comes in three parts

  • A small titanium post is surgically placed in the missing area. After about 2-6 months, bone fuses to the implant for maximum strength.
  • An attachment, call an abutment, is placed into the implant for something that the crown can rest on.   
  • The crown is then placed to complete the procedure.

The main problem with implants occurs with smokers.  Tobacco smoke limits the blood supply to the healing area and increases the chances of failure.  Preventative care is necessary following an implant in any patient.  If an implant area is not kept clean and clear, the area can develop a type of gum inflammation.

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