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Same Day Crowns and Porcelain Onlays

Tired of the sensitive temporary crown?  Wish you didn't have that second visit to get your permanent crown?  Wait no longer because in 60 to 90 minutes you can enter and leave our office with you permanent crown instead of that bothersome temporary.

 Cerec or CAD/CAM dental technology in not brand new.  The first cerec was introduced in 1980 and has rapidly evovled into 3-D imaging taken with a BlueCam LED camera.  Dr. Smith, with over 40 hours in additional training with this specific technology, takes a picture of your tooth or your bite and uploads it into the computer.  He then prepares the tooth for a crown, inlay, onlay, or veneer.  Dr. Smith prefers partial crowns as they save tooth structure compared to full crowns.  Another 3-D optical picture is taken, and he proceedes to design your crown on the computer. 

The image of your crown is then sent wirelessly to a machine which mills it out of a solid porcelain block.  The milling process takes as little as 4 minutes - about the same time you sit with gagging impression in your mouth with traditional crowns.  Dr. Smith and staff go a step further and personally glaze and characterize your crown and place it in a firing oven.  The average time to do this takes 15 minutes - about the same time it takes the assistant to make the brittle temporary.  The crown is then bonded to the tooth and you are out the door.  Amazing! 


1.  Time - one visit you're done as opposed to two.  Great for busy workers and parents who cannot leave children for two visits.  It's perfect for someone who really does not like coming to the dentist.

2.  Strong porcelain -  molar crowns are made out of Emax (Lithium disilicate) which is a solid piece of porcelain. 

3.  Conserve more tooth structure - a majority of teeth with existing fillings are in the in-between stage of a crown and a filling.  If you don't need a crown, save tooth structure with a partial crown, onlay or inlay.

4.  No extra cost to the patient - a Cerec porcelain crown costs no more than a laboratory crown.  The value is time.  In fact patients save money with the partial crown method.


1.  Time - your first appointment can be between 15 and 30 minutes longer.  But you avoid the 30 to 60 minute additional appointment.

2.  Additional training for the dentist


Cerec crowns are an excellent same day procedure, and a majority of treatments can be performed this way.  Yet we do not use or recommend them in every case.  Each patient is evaluated on their individual circumstance and needs.  This way we personalize each treatment plan.

Another beauty about this technology is the ability to provide porcelain onlays.  Onlays give us the strength of a crown while preserving more tooth structure.  Onlays are dependent on mainly one thing - how much tooth structure is left.  If there is enough of natural tooth structure to support an onlay, then we will recommend the cheaper restoration.  It preserves more natural tooth structure.