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Athletic Mouth Guards

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Athletic Mouth Guards in Salt Lake City

Mouthguards protect the teeth from injury during contact sports.  Most commonly used in boxing and football, mouth guards can also provide protection in a variety of other sports such as soccer, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, etc.  Not only do they help prevent oral/facial injuries, mouthguards are currently being researched to decrease the rate of concussions.  See to find out more information on theories of how mouth guards may help with concussions.

There are 3 types of mouthguards; stock, boil and bite, and custom mouthguards made by a dentist.

Can mouth guards be used with braces?  Definitely.  A little more care is taken to avoid the brackets.  They are highly recommended after braces because they adapt closer to the teeth.

How to care for your custom mouthguard. (Recommendations by the ADA)

  1. 1. Rinse before or after each use or brush with a toothbrush and toothpaste
  2. 2. Occasionally clean the mouth guard in cool soapy water and rinse thoroughly
  3. 3. Transport the mouthguard in a sturdy container that has vents
  4. 4. Never store in the sun or place in hot water
  5. 5. Check for wear occasionally and replace when necessary
The bottom line is that the main purpose of athletic mouthguards is to protect the teeth. With a lot of time and money being placed into the straightening of teenagers’ teeth, it’s worth the small investment. We were entrusted as the team dentist for the Utah Blaze Arena Football Team from 2010-2013. Starting in 2023, we were again asked to supply the mouthguards for the local Major League Rugby team The Utah Warriors. The high-quality mouthguards we supply for the team are the same we provide for our patients. For under-18 sports groups in the Salt Lake City area, we will discount the cost of a custom-made mouthguard by 20% using code Rugby23. Additional discounts apply for teams greater than 7. Call or text us at 801-277-1412 for details. Call or text us at 801-277-1412 for details.


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Athletic mouthguards for rugby in Utah