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Smile Gallery

Here are a few examples of treatment done recently here in our office in Millcreek, Utah. You can see it in video or read below.

Patient A came to our office with healthy teeth but tired of biting her lower lip.  Her uppers were chipped and malpositioned.  She also wanted a brighter smile.

We originally conservatively gave her 6 veneers across the front which turned out nicely.  She came in a couple weeks later for one more veneer on either side to blend the new natural-looking smile with her existing teeth.

Patient B is a teenager that had a large silver filling fall out due to decay. We had the option of restoring the tooth with a white filling, a porcelain filling, or a crown.

We placed a porcelain filling. The advantages by doing the porcelain filling or onlay is that it lasts longer than a white composite filling, saves tooth structure, and costs less than a crown. Total time: 1 hour.

Patient C is a young female with misaligned canines. They are also really sharp and pointy giving her “the fang-like” appearance that she did not like.

The patient desired to be conservative in her treatment. We added veneers only to her front six, whitened her teeth, and softened her canines. One or two veneers on each side would round out her smile nicely.

Patient D came with her left lateral crown off. We recemented it on temporary because the patient wanted a change. She did not like the color of her previous crowns. The four front teeth protruded significantly, and she felt that she always had buck teeth.

We gave her whiter teeth and widen out her smile to give her a more natural smile. We also decreased the large buck teeth look that she dreaded. She loves her new smile.

Patient E was worried about what she called her “black tooth”. Her left front central had a root canal 5 years ago. Previous internal bleaching was attempted and failed with no change in appearance. She was told that a veneer was necessary.

We first started with internal bleaching which involves removing the dark staining inside the tooth with highly concentrated whitening gel. After only one visit, this is the result she ended up. She mentioned she couldn’t stop looking in the mirror to see that her black tooth vanished. Plus we saved her the cost of a veneer.

Patient F came with several existing crowns which created a look she wanted to change. The crowns were different sizes and lengths. The canines also blocked her posterior teeth making the back teeth appear absent. The lower teeth were also discolored.

Crowns and veneers were placed on the anterior 8 and lower 6 teeth. The color was brightened and uniform. The length of the upper teeth was reduced in order to draw attention to the smile and not the individual teeth. The canines were also softened.

Patient G was unhappy with the multicolored appearance of her smile. She was also concerned with her left side, and how the upper teeth appeared to be “in too far.”

We started with the upper teeth and gave some width to the upper teeth on the left side. Further work is planned in the future for the lowers.

Patient H was not pleased with his discolored anterior teeth.

Crowns and veneers on the anterior 8 hid the discoloration.