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The human jaw can exert a average force of 160 pounds per square inch (psi).  The max force is around 930 psi on the back molars.  Denture wearers can only get up to 50 psi.  For comparison here are the max forces of some animals:

Tasmanian devil* – 200 psi
Well trained dog – 300 psi
Orangutans – 385 psi
White Shark – 700 psi
African Lion – 938 psi
Hyena – 1000 psi
Snapping Turtle – 1000 psi
Grizzly Bear – 1200 psi
Alligator – 2200 psi
Tyrannosaurus Rex – estimated 3000 psi
Megalodon (Ancient great white shark) – estimated 4000 psi

* The strongest bite relative to body size – approx 20 lbs.


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