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Bite Into That

The human jaw can exert a average force of 160 pounds per square inch (psi).  The max force is around 930 psi on the back molars.  Denture wearers can only get up to 50 psi.  For comparison here are the max forces of some animals: Tasmanian devil* – 200 psi Well trained dog – 300 […]

Famous Dentists

Edward Angle (1855-1930) credited as the father of modern orthodontists. He classified different abnormalities of teeth and jaws and developed treatments to fix them. Steve Arlin (1945) College world series most outstanding player for Ohio State University. He played Major League Baseball for the San Diego Padres and Cleveland Indians. Edgar Buchanan (1903-1979)  American actor […]

Thumb Sucking

Infants have a natural instinct to suck as a way of nourishing and soothing themselves. Often, this leads to the child sucking on their fingers, a blanket, a stuffed animal or their thumb. Usually, this habit is given up by age 4. If it continues, it can be extremely detrimental to the development of their […]

Dental Implant Important Facts

Considering Dental Implants? Important Facts to Help Make Your Choice Many people are unaware of the consequences of losing their teeth or the effects of wearing partial or full dentures upon their jaws and bones. When teeth are lost, the surrounding bone immediately begins to shrink [atrophy]. Implant treatment, for tooth replacement therapy, can be […]

Dental Folklore

People of ancient times believed that the stabbing pain of a toothache was caused by a toothworm, which either had appeared spontaneously or had bored its way into the tooth. If the tooth pain was severe, it meant that the worm was thrashing about, but if the aching stopped, then the worm was resting. Cultures […]

Afraid of the Dentist?

Loose Dentures and Solutions Afraid of the Dentist? Enough to get a tattoo about it? Well we recently saw this “dental tattoo” on someone’s back. Apparently the man had a bad experience with a visit to a dentist in the past. Amazing! We especially love the 1800’s assistant in the back with a power drill. […]

Canker sores vs cold sores

Canker sores [apthous ulcers] are often confused with fever blisters [cold sores]. They are quite different, however. Canker sores are only found inside the mouth on the gums, cheeks, tongue or floor of the mouth. They cannot be transmitted from one individual to another. Cold sores are found outside the mouth, usually on the lips […]

Loose Dentures and Solutions

A loose denture is frustrating and at times embarrassing.  Before we get to the solutions, let’s understand the problem with dentures. The bite force generated by dentures is about 20% of that created by natural teeth. So if this is your first denture or immediate denture, you are now experiencing 80% less biting force now. […]